Heating Hoses in Adhesive Technology

Each highly flexible KLETTI heated hose reliably transports adhesives or other thermoplastic products from one point to another within defined temperature paths: In the application of hand guns or industrial robots, in automotive or automation technology, indoors or outdoors, splash-proof or with replaceable material hose. Depending on the application, we also develop and manufacture individual customer-specific solutions for you.


Hot melt hose standard:

Solid and heat-resistant

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Hot melt hose

Dustproof and washable

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High density hot melt hose
for use with hand guns

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Reliable hot melt hose
with replaceable material hose

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Silicone-free flexible Heating Hoses
in Automation Technology

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Clear matter: The CE marking of KLETTI heated hoses

All KLETTI heated hoses are marked with the CE mark. The CE marking is a "MUSTHAVE" within Europe when selling products and is also highly regarded worldwide. With the CE mark on KLETTI heating hoses we declare that all our products are CE compliant, thus all legal requirements for these products are fulfilled. The heated hoses are particularly popular with our customers in the adhesive technology. Especially in the automotive industry, technological change is making itself felt. Where individual parts used to be welded, nowadays the modern technology of adhesives is used. In most car body constructions, the gluing of parts is already standardized. Every KLETTI heated hose is designed according to the same principle, diameter and total length are adapted to the respective application and purpose.

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