Heating Hoses in
Adhesive Technology

Our highly-flexible hot glue hoses reliably transport adhesives or other thermoplastic products within defined temperature ranges from one point to another. We develop and manufacture customer-specific solutions depending on installation indoors or outdoors.

Standard Hot Glue Hose

The transportation of materials within specified temperature ranges, under high pressure, and at high temperatures: Whether they are to be used for hand guns, industry robots; in automotive or automation engineering; for indoors or outdoors; splash-proof or with interchangeable hose materials: KLETTI heating hoses are compatible with the systems of leading manufacturers worldwide, thus guaranteeing a trouble-free and orderly production process for your systems.

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One end of a black cable with broad steel connector and black supply line kletti-icon
One end of a black cable with supply line coming into the frame from left to right kletti-icon

Splash-Proof Hot Glue Hose

The splash-proof KLETTI hot glue hose is dust-proof and protected from water jets from any angle. Both the outer casing of the hose and its end caps are protected with a smooth, washable silicone.

Compact and integrated in the heating hose

the electronic double temperature controller KM-MI52x2R

The compact electronic double temperature controller KM-MI52x2R is equipped with a FAT-control algorithm. FAT stands for fast-adaptive-tuning, a completely new control algorithm that automatically and continuously adapts the control behavior to the controlled system. With the new double temperature controllers of the KM-MI52x2R series we have succeeded in integrating long-lasting switching elements using triac technology into a small housing that is built directly into the heating hose. Since there are two heating circuits working independently of each other the heating hose can still be operated with a connected handgun, an application head or similar. The combination of a heating hose with a handgun and an integrated double controller offers you, the user, the advantage that an existing adhesive system, in which there is no longer a free electrical connection, can be expanded. The combination works autonomously and therefore only requires one schuko socket. Another advantage of the integrated double temperature controller is the system independence from the adhesive system used. This means that the design of the heating hose and the handgun can be freely configured. Only the temperature sensor of the handgun must be adjusted accordingly.

The total output of 900 W is enough, e.g. for a heating hose with a length of 6 m at NW08 and a matching handgun with 120 W. With a separate IR control panel, the setpoint temperature can be set on site.
Due to the multi-color LED the status of the controller can also be seen from further distance.

Your main benefits:

  • Expandability of the adhesive system when there is no longer a free electrical connection available
  • System independence from the used adhesive system
  • Works in combination with the IR control panel – setpoint temperature can be set on site
  • Simple FAT control algorithm automatically and continuously adapts the control behavior to the controlled system

Accessories: IR control panel for showing and setting the setpoint and actual display Art.-Nr.: 65502000

Compact and integrated in the heating hose kletti-icon
Two ridged black cables with yellow tips, one with a separate electric supply line kletti-icon

Hot Glue Hose

with Interchangeable Hose Materials

Our special development for the transportation of adhesives or other thermoplastic products: The ‘hose within a hose‘ system with replaceable hose material makes your hot glue hose even more economical. This ensures the quick, and thus especially cost-effective, re-commissioning of the hose in the case that the glue core becomes blocked. Simply remove the blocked core, place a new core in, and continue with production!

The hot glue hose with replaceable glue core is particularly well-suited for reactive hotmelts such as polyurethane resin (PUR).

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Heating Hoses

in Automation Technology

Specially developed for use with industrial robots, e.g. in the automotive industry, the heating hose is especially flexible and capable of withstanding heavy impacts resulting from dynamic robot movements. The KLETTI heating hose for industrial robots is equipped with a special, particularly strong, waterproof outer casing and a special element to protect the internal temperature sensor.

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Black ridged cable with a small supply line with grey squared connector kletti-icon

Klare Sache: Die CE-Kennzeichnung der KLETTI Heizschläuche

Alle KLETTI Heizschläuche sind durch das CE-Kennzeichen gekennzeichnet. Die CE-Kennzeichnung ist innerhalb Europas ein „MUSS“ beim Verkauf von Produkten und genießt auch weltweit hohes Ansehen. Mit dem CE-Kennzeichen auf KLETTI Heizschläuchen erklären wir, dass alle rechtlichen Anforderungen für diese Produkte erfüllt werden. Besonders beliebt bei unseren Kunden sind die Heizschläuche in der Klebetechnik. Gerade in der Automobilbranche macht sich der technologische Wandel bemerkbar. Wo früher die einzelnen Teile geschweißt worden sind, setzt man heutzutage auf die moderne Technik des Klebens. Schweißroboter werden immer mehr abgelöst und durch Kleberoboter ersetzt. In den meisten Karosseriebauten ist das Kleben von Teilen bereits standardisiert. Jeder KLETTI Heizschlauch ist nach demselben Prinzip aufgebaut, Durchmesser und Gesamtlänge sind je nach Einsatzgebiet und Einsatzzweck unterschiedlich.