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In Kürze: Inhouse-Seminare bei KLETTI

Heizschläuche und Heizschlauchsysteme sind unsere Leidenschaft – und alles, was wir darüber wissen, geben wir gerne an unsere Kunden weiter!

Wir bieten Ihnen (in Kürze?) individuelle produkt- und anwendungsspezifische Schulungen sowie Inhouse-Seminare rund um das Thema flexible elektrische Beheizungen. Unser brandneuer Seminarraum ist gerade fertig geworden und wartet darauf, von Ihnen in Beschlag genommen zu werden. Wenn Sie Fragen haben oder weitere Informationen benötigen, können Sie uns gerne unter kontaktieren. P.S.: Wir vermieten Ihnen den Raum samt Infrastruktur auch gerne für Ihre eigene Veranstaltung!



Shift boundaries with The New Raw and KLETTI.

Going unknown ways, trying out new ideas, bringing innovative products to the market: Not only we at KLETTI are passioned about it, but also the architects Panos Sakkas and Foteini Setaki from The New Raw, the Research & Design Studio from Rotterdam.

In the high-tech workshop in their the Netherlands and Greece they create aesthetically pleasing and at the same time functional furniture out of collected, cleaned and finely shredded plastic waste – by using the process of robotic3D printing. And this is where we from KLETTI come into play: The 3D printer equipped with a robot arm is supplied by one of our KLETTI heating hoses for the extrusion technology, which transports the raw material to the application head under high pressure and at a constant high temperature.

We were so excited about the idea and the products of The New Raw that we immediately bought one of their pieces of furniture – it is now an exhibit with us in Heidelberg!

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and Heating Hoses in Extrusion Technology



NEW: Hot glue hose with integrated double temperature controller

Now available in the KLETTI accessory range: The compact electronic double temperature controller KM-MI52x2R for gluing systems, integrated in the heating hose. Independent of the system used and operating autonomously with only one earthed socket, the KM-MI52x2R is equipped with the FAT control algorithm. MORE

Hot glue hose with integrated double regulator



NEW: KLETTI barrel heater series WODPXX

Silicone-free and therefore also suitable for use in adhesive and painting technology: The new KLETTI barrel heater of the WODPX series for 200 litre steel barrels, hoboks and cans is easy and quick to install, particularly robust and will reliably temper your barrel media between 0°C and 90°C. MORE

KLETTI drum heater



NEW: Adapter cables for KLETTI temperature controllers

With the new adapter cables, you can also connect heating hoses of other manufacturers simply to our KLETTI standard temperature controllers. For example, the Nordson® Series 3000®, DuraBlue®, TC®, Pureflow® or Robatech® - and many others. MORE

Adapter cables for KLETTI temperature controllers