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Our commitment doesn’t stop at the end of the heating hose – we offer our customers everything necessary for the trouble-free operation of our reliable heating hoses. The following is also applicable here: We are always here for you. If you have any questions or special requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Connector Systems

We stay true to our high standards, even when it comes to our plug connections and connector systems: KLETTI only installs plug connections from well-known manufacturers. Upon request, and when the contact assignment is provided, we can install the plug individually, in accordance with your requirements.

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Flange, Tri-Clamp sockets or dairy pipe screw fitting? Whatever fitting you need, the mechanical composition, the material, and in particular, the quality of compression must be right! At KLETTI these are always right. The choice of connection fittings for a hose is based on your system. And we follow your lead!

Cord Sets

The connection cables especially come into use in order headers and hand guns – compatible with the systems of all leading manufacturers.

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Four separate cable heads, two with connection for supply cable kletti-icon

End Caps

The perfect finish: End caps serve as hose terminations as well as for the safe feeding out of the cable for its connection to the mains. The right choice in end caps depends on your application; we are happy to advise you!

Heating Hose Protective Elements

Outer Protection

The main task of outer protection is protection from impact and wear and tear. The design of this depends on whether the hose will be utilised inside or outside. For KLETTI standard heating hoses, we offer polyamide mesh, as well as various forms of PA and TPE corrugated hoses. Additionally, KLETTI can provide you with galvanised metal or stainless steel mesh.

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Heating Hose Protective Elements


With plastic closure as well as centre and end clamps for affixing the heating hose to the suspension device.

Heating Hose Protective Elements

Tension Spring and Spiral Spring with Mounting Bracket

The tension spring and spiral spring with stainless steel mounting bracket enable a highly diverse varying of inclines and curves for the holding device, as well as simultaneously serving as protection against kinks, for example when working with hand guns.

Cable from above with spiral spring looking like the letter c kletti-icon
Thin rolled up black cable with a long slim steel tip at the head kletti-icon

Temperature Sensors

Whether it’s a RTD sensor such as the Pt100, or a thermocouple like the Type J Fe-CuNi: You’re also in good hands with KLETTI when it comes to everything related to temperature sensors. When it comes to heating control, we deliver only the best quality and reliable, tried and tested components.

Insulating Sleeve

Insulated without transition: The flexible insulation sleeve made of 100% silicone elastomer is used at straight and angled clamping ring connection points. It provides the necessary insulation and serves at the same time for mechanical protection as well as protection against contact of the connection point.

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