KLETTI Heating Hoses in Analytical Measuring Technology

When it comes to transporting gaseous media within a defined temperature range, KLETTI cannot be beaten. Our analysis heating hoses can be heated flexibly and ensure that defined temperatures are reliably maintained when measuring exhausts from engines, furnaces and industry, as well as air and environment values. An example of this is the sampling point to the gas conditioning system and analyzer:
The heated hose prevents the formation of dew in the gas, as otherwise liquid would form in the hose if the temperature falls under the dew point. This would falsify the measured values and also clog the hose by binding the dirt particles contained in the exhaust gas in the liquid. Only the flexible heating prevents the falsification of the measured values and the clogging of the hose by dirt particles.

Each heated hose is constructed according to the same principle. The diameter and the total length of each hose are different depending on the area of application and purpose.


Analysis Heating Hose


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Heated High Temperature Pipes

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Analysis heating hoses with replaceable inner cores

for industrial gas measurement

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Analysis heating hose

with metal braid

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Analysis heating hose
custom made

Your demand – our challenge: Should you have any needs for customized solutions outside our product portfolio, just get in touch! We are burning with anticipation to find the ideal solution for you:

For example, we developed this flexible heating hose with an especially small external diameter in close collaboration with one of our customers: It enables simple, perfect handling

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